Proctor student charged with making a terroristic threat

MSAD 13 Students who take part in the National School Walkout later this month will be penalized, according to their superintendent.

Twelfth-grader Nevada Henrickson was one of the main organizers of the protest in Allegan. "We're exhausted of the stagnation after these school shootings".

"I'm seeing a lot of students saying I would rather be safe than sorry", Montero said.

And while some teens aren't taking gun violence seriously, others are finding the threats worrisome.

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Her brother is in second grade.

Thomas said Perry PD was notified Monday after school hours. "That nearly made me cry", Nevada said.

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Oladipo talked about what the appearance meant to his family. "It's insane because they saw me when I was five years old". A lot of what those guys do, I'd have to sit around and practice for way too long in order to do some stuff like that.

"We work to impress that if people "see or hear something" they should 'say something, '" the letter stated.

Sadie Ivester said, "A child should not have to worry about coming to school". "At the least they could do would be to require background checks for every gun sold". I am very proud of this young person.

Kira Walker said, "This is our problem too we cannot adequately receive an education if we are too busy wondering if this is the last day of our lives. We believe students have a need to do this, and therefore, we will not treat this as skipping school, or treat it is a disciplinary issue", McCandless wrote. Out of an abundance of caution we will operate on an increased security level tomorrow as we want students to feel safe at school. The participating students who stayed on campus were not disciplined. It sucks that it had to come to this point for us to make a real stand.

Thomas said, "There's really nothing that says he was going to shoot. We're hoping for change as the result". "I ask that you please refrain from conjecture or spreading rumors as this situation unfolds", Hefflin said. "Any time an incident happens at the school, schools are required to report the incident, and that was a DHS call, in which DHS called us".

The student told police that they only meant it as a prank. Student and staff safety will always be our highest priority. These were two separate incidents, and both have been resolved.

"On February 28, 2018, Chandler Police were made aware of a possible school threat against Chandler High School".

"We will continue to operate in this manner".