Watch season 6 finale online

What are your thoughts on the latest "American Horror Story" Season 6 finale spoilers? Roanoke started out as a fake documentary - "My Roanoke Nightmare" - within a show.

The next part of the episode turns into a courtroom drama (suddenly we feel like we're watching Season 2 of American Crime Story), as Lee's legal team manages to cook up a winning defense: she went insane from being tortured by the Polks and smoking their super dank weed. Rumors say that Peters might play a cameo during Roanoke's finale and AHS viewers are raving about it having missed his wittingly charming character on the show. This sendup of popular ghost hunting shows is SPOT-ON. It was a bittersweet delight to see the cast back together - Audrey, Rory, Shelby, Matt, Monet, Dominic, Agnes - and a true reminder of how many great characters we lost along the journey. Though you'd think the slaughter of Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell would have put people off from returning to the incredibly haunted Roanoke house (particularly during the blood moon, i.e. prime murder season), the finale of Season 6 proved that wasn't the case.

There's plenty to go on, while also seemingly nothing to steer us in the right direction; with Murphy particularly keen to highlight what's next will follow in Roanoke's game-changing shadow with a "big hook" that will keep things "narratively strange".

What was missing from a lot of the season was that human connection.

Bernie Sanders is 'prepared to work with' Donald Trump
To make sure that Trump is not successful in pushing an agenda which divides us up by race or the country that we were born into. Nationally, even though votes are still being counted, it appears Clinton significantly underperformed Obama's 2012 numbers.

Next thing we know, we're watching an episode of Spirit Chasers, a sort of knock-off of Syfy's Ghost Hunters. For those who have already seen the last episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, then you know that all the "found footage" filming ended with that very last segment. The actors vie for fan attention while the real cast looks sullen and a bit embarrassed. "We have to decide". Lee murdered her father, and she's not in the mood to make amends. I can't imagine. The kids have some cool thermal capture equipment that lets them see ghosts. Flora's paranormal friendship discredits her story in the eyes of the jury, and Lee is once again acquitted - but still loses Flora to Mason's protective family. Week-to-week, last night's "Chapter 10" finale was basically even with its "Chapter 9" episode of November 9. "Sweet Dreams" could just be a friendly taunt at us folks that were spooked by season 6. Some in more gruesome ways than others.

The Roanoke Nightmare season didn't have to worry about that as it came out of the gates fast and kept up that speed and drama for the season's first nine episodes.

Are you desperately waiting to watch American Horror Story online? It's also at this point that we're reminded that American Horror Story: Roanoke never got around to giving us an opening sequence-using that time to tell us why we ought to buy a Mercedes. With Lana coming back in the 10th episode, Sarah Paulson will be playing two roles again. Give them just a little credit. The character reappeared in season six to interview Lee, the sole survivor from the reality series Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. In the meantime, know that a mystery was solved Asylum at the season 6 finale of American Horror Story. Murphy has hopes to make this show the Twilight Zone for a new generation, and wants to unite Murder House and Coven for a future season. "You have to be alert every second of the way - and with Miss Paulson, every freaking second of the way, because she'll call you on it if she feels like you're not being genuine in the moment". Where can the show go next?

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