Syrian truce receives new blows with deadly air strikes

A halt to fighting around Aleppo and the delivery of desperately needed humanitarian aid were key components of the fragile deal that took effect on Monday evening. Russian Federation said the United States was being obstructive and deceptive regarding the airstrike. "The actions of coalition pilots - if they, as we hope, were not taken on an order from Washington - are on the boundary between criminal negligence and connivance with Islamic State terrorists", Russia's Foreign Ministry said ...


GCSE results day for North East students

The baseline requirement for Progress 8 is a score of -0.5, so a score of +0.14 would tell the government children at Oakmeeds had made progress in excess of national expectations during their time at the school. Headteacher Greg Dixon said: "We are all delighted with these fantastic results for the school and the individual learners and their families". These subjects will be marked numerically - from nine for the top-performing students down to one for those who have struggled.

Drugs war in Philippine worsens; death toll close to 2000

According to Sanho Tree, director of the Washington-based Drug Policy Project, the 1,900 figure includes more than 700 confirmed killings by police officers, as well as hundreds of additional murders committed by vigilantes. Unfortunately, the adverse reaction to valid observations merely trivializes the fight: Mr. Duterte is portrayed as carrying on with his fight with the drug menace as his personal quest that he feels slighted at any criticism of it.