Texan John Cornyn: Senate, House intelligence panels should investigate Flynn

Trump was first informed about the Justice Department's concerns regarding Flynn on January 26, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said at Tuesday's daily press briefing. Dmitry Peskov is a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Flynn's conversations may have violated the Logan Act, a law meant to prevent private citizens from conducting USA diplomacy, and would certainly be against normal diplomatic protocols.


Mind the Founders: Electoral College still has a vital role to play

The election with Hillary Clinton was much less the story of an insurgent candidate than one of what still feels like a freak accident to many, especially on the coasts. Six in ten Trump voters believe there were millions of illegal votes cast on election day. "If you ever want to govern again, you'd be wise to rediscover the virtue of all those forgotten working men and women in America's middle that Trump successfully courted, and turn your far Left party sharply back toward the center".