WhatsApp blocked in Brazil again

On Monday, a Brazilian judge ordered local cellphone carriers to block popular social media service WhatsApp from their networks for 72 hours , locking out over 100 million users from their accounts. In December, a judge ordered a 12-hour suspension of the app after the company did not provide data for a separate criminal investigation. Traditional text messaging in Brazil can be quite expensive for some, and many have come to rely on WhatsApp as a way to send messages, images and ...

Tailless Comet Manx May Reveal How Our Solar System Formed

Owing to which, it is considered that the comet is among the key components of rocky planets. If that were to be the case, the comet most likely contains particles that would show us the early composition of our solar system . A odd , rocky comet with no tail has been spotted zipping into our inner Solar System , and it's so unique, it's got scientists ready to rewrite the definition of what these ubiquitous cosmic bodies should look like.