Jaguar launches new E-Pace with world record-breaking barrel roll

In an attempt to one-up the larger F-Pace's loop-the-loop reveal, the E-Pace had a rather more horizontal task - performing a barrel roll, and breaking the a record in the process - the Guinness World Record for "Furthest Barrel Roll". The Porsche Macan will likely be the E-Pace's biggest competitor, Jaguar officials say. Transmissions for the E-Pace will mostly be courtesy of a nine-speed automatic, but a six-speed manual option will be offered as well.

How the new Apple iPhone could help combat 'the new drunk driving'

Some of the content in Control Center is not customizable and is there by default, but you can add a number of new features to it. How much of a difference does the higher-numbered Radeon Pro graphics chip with twice as much video memory make? Using your credit or debit card, you will be able to send money to anyone who also uses iOS11 with just a text message, which can be especially useful for splitting the check at a restaurant, paying someone gas money, or even paying the rent if ...