[ January 29, 2017 ] Trump withdraws from TPP Nation & World

As an example: The Toyota Camry remains one of the best selling cars in America (#1 in 2015) but approximately 25 percent of its parts come from Mexico, according to Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz. Supply and distribution chains for many industries seamlessly are integrated across borders, to the point that simply dissolving the agreement likely would cost the United States more jobs than it would save. Experts warn that such a move could ripple through Iowa's economy, causing Mexico and other countries hit with the tax to retaliate against US firms that export products internationally.

Those products coming to the US are sold at a profit.

"By looking inward and throwing up trade barriers really all that means is that Americans have less freedom and less opportunity". Indeed, NAFTA opponents note that the official USA jobless number, which hovers around the 5 percent mark, is an artificial number, as it only considers those who are actively seeking work.

We must surely conclude that the jobs leaving the United States are not good jobs.

What we're talking about here is a good old-fashioned trade war. the sort of thing the world tried to get out of from the 1980s onwards.

Although NAFTA did not reverse this trend, it did mitigate it.

If a trade war looms between the USA and Mexico, it would play out at the auto lot, the electronics store, and the supermarket.

"NAFTA has been a disaster for American workers and manufacturing companies", Nolan, a Democrat, said in a statement that echoed his views from last year's campaign. Nor is it evident what specific changes the administration might seek to NAFTA; Wilbur Ross, Trump's pick for Commerce secretary, says only that "NAFTA issues of concern include rules for country of origin, dispute resolution mechanisms, and simultaneity of concessions". In a matter of days, he has already managed some big changes in United States trade policy without the approval of Congress. This is government-managed trade, not free trade.

Diane Swonk, a veteran independent economist, told Xinhua that it's too early to tell whether Trump's renegotiation of NAFTA will help or hurt jobs in the United States.

Marchers Say They're Going to Stay Active in Politics
The march was organized primarily by women in opposition to President Donald Trump proposed policies on women's rights. In Massachusetts, organizers anticipated as many as 80,000 participants for the sister march in Boston.

One of the conspicuous absences from the sound and fury last weekend's protests was the impending executive act of President Donald Trump affirming the U.S. exit from the Trans-Partnership Agreement. The only ones who benefit will be the tiny minority of Americans who compete with Mexicans for manufacturing jobs, and those who sell to them. The U.S. Department of Agriculture expects 2016-17 soy exports to hit a record 2.05 billion bushels, accounting for almost half of the recently harvested U.S. crop. Subsequently, the United States could impose more tariffs on Canadian goods.

Overall, according to the non-partisan Council on Foreign Relations, NAFTA has had a positive impact on U.S. GDP, although it is only a fraction of a percent annually.

The Obama administration spent years negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Together with America, the countries involved in the TPP account for approximately 40% of the world's GDP.

Tracy Brunner, president of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association said, "TPP and NAFTA have always been convenient political punching bags, but the reality is that foreign trade has been one of the greatest success stories in the long history of the USA beef industry".

Although NAFTA and other trade agreements have caused the loss of American jobs, there are also stories of American jobs that have been saved or gained.

Established on January 1, 1995, the World Trade Organization has 164 members, including the US and its newest member, Afghanistan.

The story of American growth is an worldwide story.

Australia and New Zealand said on Tuesday they would encourage China and other Asian countries to join the trade pact. Other measures included enforcing labor and environmental standards, copyrights, patents and other legal protections, BBC reported.

US President Donald Trump appears to have established complete control over the Grand Old Party, with Republican grandees falling in line with the victorious candidate's proposals and actions even when they go against traditional party dogma and line of thinking.

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