Death On 'The Walking Dead' Creates New Fan Theory Going Forward

On tonight's The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 11 called, "Hostiles and Calamities", as per the AMC synopsis, "An Alexandrian must navigate the mysterious world within the Saviors' compound". Later, a handwriting comparison confirms that Sherry wrote the note to Daryl, along with a pretty heartbreaking goodbye letter to Dwight. Negan doesn't take long to deliver swift punishment either, throwing him in a cell before forcing him to track down his wife Sherry who also disappeared mere hours after his escape. However, it seems he has found a new place to belong in the ranks of Negan's Saviors in the new episode. Eugene is clearly shaken up and distressed. Despite misdirect by Bear McCreary's intense score, it is actually made clear that Negan has plans for Eugene that will benefit him. I think it's the latter. Negan reacts by firing him.

Eugene has never made any bones about the fact that he's a coward, but despite that, he's consistently done his best to contribute to the group. For a Season 7 of a show that was once reported to be in decline in the ratings, The Walking Dead just proved that it never lost its ratings mojo that it obtained almost from the start. It allows for some humor, such as a night with some of Negan's wives that revolves around playing Atari and blowing up latex gloves filled with hydrogen. Eugene reminds him of who Lucille is. Laura shows him around, tells him how their points system works, gives him some fresh pickles, and informs him that he's one of them now. Meanwhile, Sherry has disappeared following Dwight's escape and Negan tasks Dwight with finding her. They explain she wants to kill herself, and they look to Eugene to make something that would kill her in her sleep. But will he turn good, as Eugene is possibly going to the dark side?

Sherry's been outside the safety of The Sanctuary before.

Later, Eugene and the others are gathered together by the furnace, where that doctor is being threatened to literally face Negan's hot iron treatment; he blames the doctor for Sherri's leaving. Dwight for his part, leaves her a six pack of Saviors Craft Beer (here's another motto; "Brewed with Real Tears") and a bag of pretzels which must be wicked stale, but such is love. They had signed up to be with Negan, but Amber was forced to. Perhaps I'm reaching and Eugene (who we know can act cowardly) really has turned over. Dwight went back to their old house.

But good riddance, thinks Negan, now that he's got the even smarter Eugene to serve as his chief engineer. "That is a correct assessment".

The Great Wall Isn't Even Good
The courage and resourcefulness of the two survivors impresses the Nameless Order created to protect the nation. The creature feature centers around William (played by Matt Damon with, what sounds like, a Canadian accent).

Best line: Really? You want us to pick out one line in an episode all about Eugene?

If Dwight can pull off that nonsense, there's definitely a chance Eugene is faking his loyalty and Negan is buying it. While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news and more, right here! It is even hard to have ever theorized that a zombie show would have been the type to put the horror genre on the map - but it did.

"Are you on board?"

A new clip for this week's upcoming episode of The Walking Dead highlights the two major themes of weaponry and warfare that will be at the heart of the narrative as Rick and Michonne explore an abandoned battlefield for spare guns and other tools that they can use to prepare for the inevitable showdown with Negan.