Embattled Trump security adviser Michael Flynn quits

Among the names circulating as Flynn's replacement are retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, acting national security adviser; retired Gen. David Petraeus; former Vice Admiral Bob Harward; and Robert Kimmitt, another retired Army officer and former State Department and Treasury official, and veteran of the national security council, or NSC.

But on the question of a rapprochement with Russia, the Trump administration's hands seem tied until inquiries on alleged Russian meddling in the United States presidential election are completed.

One Republican, however, says that lawmakers should establish a "joint select committee"- consisting of members from both the House and the Senate - to examine the allegations in the Times report, if they are correct. It took the increasing criticism of Flynn and the mounting calls for an investigation of recent days for the White House to request that Flynn find another perch for his anti-Islam crusade.

Soon after Flynn's resignation he said it was a "negative signal" for relations between the United States and Russian Federation.

Mr Spicer said: "The President was very concerned that General Flynn had misled the Vice President and others".

"When it comes to Russian Federation, we want to make sure it's clear that the administration lay out lines that we will not cross", said Gardner, citing Moscow's actions in Syria, Ukraine and global cyberattacks, "including the USA during the election".

Peskov, responding to a White House statement saying Trump expected Russian Federation to return Crimea to Ukraine, also said the Kremlin had no intention of discussing its territorial integrity with foreign partners. Flynn told Vice President-elect Mike Pence and Trump spokesman Sean Spicer that the sanctions never came up in his talks.

"Immediately after the Department of Justice notified the White House counsel of the situation, the White House counsel briefed the president and a small group of senior advisers", Spicer said. Trump, himself, who has frequently praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, is not above suspicion.

"Gen. Flynn has said up to this point that he had not said anything like that to the Russian ambassador".

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Trump also does not appear to be taking part in the usual briefings presidents receive before calls with foreign leaders. Now a whopping nine high-ranking officials tell The Washington Post otherwise.

Along with Kellogg, the White House is considering retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward and former Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus as permanent replacements for Flynn. In a position that needs to be no drama, it's non-stop drama.

Flynn sat in the front row of Trump's news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier Monday.

The officials said Harward, who has been under consideration as a possible undersecretary of defense for intelligence, is seen by key players around Trump as a steady pick for the post following the tumult that surrounded Flynn.

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah joked about Flynn's assertion that he wasn't aware that his calls with Russian Federation would have been recorded.

Mr Trump was asked about the controversy last Friday as he flew to Florida on Air Force One with Japanese premier Shinzo Abe. "By now I'm sure you've all heard the news: the Trump administration is going great", he said. North Korea fired a ballistic missile over the weekend, a move suspected by some experts as created to serve as a test of components of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US.

Donald Trump in the Mar-a-Lago living room in 2009.

There was no indication from transcripts of Flynn's conversations that he had promised to lift the sanctions but rather that he made more general comments about hoping for better U.S. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he even urged Moscow to hacks the emails of Democrat Hillary Clinton. But Americans still deserve to know more about what Flynn, a representative of the Trump campaign, was doing with the Russians before Election Day. "We know Putin was working to tip the scales in President Trump's favor". The Trump administration was facing increasing pressure over Flynn's contacts with Russian Federation in the waning days of the Obama presidency before Trump took office.

"Great move on delay (by V. Putin) - I always knew he was very smart!" "What report is that?"