Harvard Study on ACA Repeal Reveals Impact on Kentucky Addicts, Mentally Ill

At Friday's roundtable, Cicilline said Republicans have been dragging their feet to repeal and replace Obamacare for years.

Another jump may come from a common element of Republican replacement plans: In order to maintain coverage for preexisting conditions patients must have "continuous coverage".

Democrats, however, are against the plan.

Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services proposed a number of new rules for the Affordable Care Act's non-group health insurance exchanges.

Some of the most unpopular provisions of Obamacare are the individual and employer mandates. It's still not known how many Republicans are dissecting the health law, but it is known that some elements of the ACA are likely to survive.

We need to rescue people from this collapsing law, and we need to replace it with a true patient-centered system. They prefer a mechanism that would preclude people from getting any more money than they paid in taxes. That would increase maximum annual contributions from $3,400 per individual and $6,750 per family up to $6,550 per individual and $13,100 per family.

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The proposal also says insurance companies can demand consumers pay off any missed premiums before they get a new policy. The expanded Medicaid plan would be repealed, and the health-care program for the poor would be financed on a per capita basis, giving states the option of receiving block grant funding. Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC), head of the Republican Study Committee, said in a statement that the outline contains "grounds for concern", due to his belief that the proposal doesn't adequately address Medicaid spending and that it would raise taxes. The ineffectual efforts to correct this costly mistake would be laughable if people were not suffering and dying for lack of basic health services. The tax credit would be based on a person's age, not their income, unlike in the Affordable Care Act, according to a PowerPoint presentation given to House members.

If your local bridge were "very near collapse", the first thing you would do is send in a rescue crew to fix it temporarily so no one else is hurt.

Some conservatives say they oppose the idea because it could amount to a new government subsidy by allowing people to receive a larger credit than they pay in taxes.

A few of these ideas actually mirror changes that the Obama administration suggested previous year, but Democrats and consumer advocates have largely come out against the rules. But for that to work, insurers have to be willing to sell insurance across state lines, which would mean a huge expansion in the number of doctors and hospitals they work with.

The last two points are created to increase profits for insurance companies, which will hopefully incentivize insurers to stick around in 2018. It affects men and women, young and old.

When Republican lawmakers turn on their TVs next week, some will see constituents pleading with them: Don't take away our health care. The Obama administration allowed carriers to keep customers in these plans, which do not adhere to the law's strict coverage rules, in specific circumstances.