The Walking Dead returns with a objective and explosives

AMC released today a sneak peek clip from the highly anticipated second half of THE WALKING DEAD Season 7, which returns on Sunday, February 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

When there's a war coming, it is absolutely necessary to have people who can fight in your corner. And since Carol is still hidden near the Kingdom, and Daryl is now living there full time thanks to Ezekiel's offer of sanctuary from Negan, these forces will inevitably soon combine to produce an outcome that will work in Rick's favor. As any Walking Dead viewer knows, King Ezekiel runs the Kingdom, a nearby settlement that is also under observation from Negan and the Saviors. Yeah, the tiger. However, Rick's explanation of the Savior situation gives a glimpse into Ezekiel's own shady actions.

The Season 7 midseason premiere of AMC's zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead saw Rick and gang setting in motion their decision to take down Negan, the charismatic villain of the Saviors. There's evil with everything they lost but happiness that they're alive to fight against what took so much from them.

- Shout out to the Dream Academy, a sparse, acoustic version of whose "Life in a Northern Town" can be heard when Rick and co. arrive at the Kingdom.

They followed the paths of someone's boots, which turned out to be leading them to a trap set up by a new community.

Rick is ready, but the Saviors do not want to be easily found.

Perhaps the most heart-warming moment in the last episode was the best bro, hug-it-out reunion between Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus). And then they couldn't come up with a reason and went ahead anyway.


It doesn't help that the show spent so much time building up Negan as a threat.

During his plea, Rick told a parable about a young girl who pulled a troublesome rock from the middle of the road to find gold underneath. If you needed any proof that Rick and Michonne were back on the same badass page, you needn't have looked any further than the highway scene in which they drove parallel with a wire strung between them to go "halfies" (as Chris Hardwick called it) on a herd of walkers. Rick finds his notebook, in which Gabriel has scribbled "BOAT" on one page, which Rick posits is Gabriel's way of saying he went to the boat where Rick and Aaron snagged some supplies.

The Walking Dead is back, and with it come a few more switch-ups for our survivors. (How both Morgan and Jesus just forgot to mention that little detail is beyond me.) Rick tells Ezekiel that their three communities - Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom - are all under the thumb of the Saviors.

The Saviors are looking for Daryl, but Rick plays it off, pretending to not know he has escaped. They're then surrounded by hundreds of survivors from a group we presumably haven't seen before.

The people don't look entirely friendly, but Rick still smiles; that's a rarity for him, and as ridiculous a character as he often is, it's a thrilling to see that grin.

There are speculations that "The Walking Dead" Season 7 might want to hold on to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for as long as possible, which means that Negan could survive for yet another season.

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