Today in School, Betsy DeVos and Her Antagonists Learned About Metaphors

"And she has worked tirelessly to help low-income children have more choices of better schools". AFC's director chairman William E. Oberndorf champions her as "an advocate for children for almost 30 years". More importantly, he explained that if music and arts programs are cut from public schools, it would be detrimental to "disadvantaged populations where music is a major source of positivity and energy and helps keep kids in school". And getting onto a local school board gives everyday people the opportunity to fight for the children in their districts, learn what needs to be done to make sure they have quality experiences at school, and advocate for them at home. It was surreal, she said, to know she was coming to visit.

Jefferson is a school serving mostly black students. Not all charter schools soar anymore than all public schools just limp along, but we have known for decades that too many of our schools are malfunctioning and we are finding that charter schools offer real remedies, especially for the poor and minorities.

It is true that public education is not ideal, and there is work to be done on behalf of our kids and our futures. Many of these schools were results of DeVos' advocacy and they later were revealed as utter failures by the Detroit Free Press.

And there has been scathing opposition from teachers unions and civil rights activists over her support of charter schools and her conservative religious ideology.

The Donald Trump Phone Call That Sent Australian Media Into Overdrive
Trump had agreed to honour the deal. "I received the assurance that I did [on the resettlement deal] from the president himself". Turnbull insisted today that relations between the diplomatic partners were strong despite reports that Trump had berated him.

Lyndsey Medsker, the parent of two students in Brent Elementary, which feeds into Jefferson, said it was the "perfect place for the new secretary to see first-hand a public school that fell victim to the chaos of charters and a fervor for school choice".

My brother and mother woke up at 5 a.m. during the week and sometimes on Saturdays to catch a bus to a school located in Helena, about 50 miles from my hometown. The California Teachers Association and California Federation of Teachers, for example, are asking Californians to take a pledge in support of "the public education all California's students deserve". Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., said they want a "detailed explanation" about the failure of a federal website housing comprehensive information on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Accountability across all types of public schools ensures that the zip code that a child lives in does not determine their educational success. "Primary responsibility for education should rest with those states, localities, and private institutions that have made our nation's educational system the best in the world", Carter wrote in his signing statement.

According to WJLA, the Washington Teachers' Union organized a protest but said that union members were not among the people blocking her entry. She returned sometime later and completed her scheduled meetings.