The Walking Dead Awards: Rick and Michonne's Excellent adventure

In a rare departure for The Walking Dead, Sunday's episode dedicated a majority of its runtime to the show's main characters. Proceed with caution, survivors. I get that she's upset because her guy left her and then got his head bashed in, but she's a virus that's going to eat everyone else up. They even had a conversation together through the backseat after Michonne had to jump inside the trunk of a auto to avoid getting eaten after Rick's plan was SNAFU'd by some malfunctioning vehicle brakes. Putting them together gave Michonne, one of the longest running characters on the series (and one of the best) something to do; and it made a lot more sense than just trying to pair Rick off with some random new character. Bringing these two together as a couple was an invention of the TV show, since Rick's later love interest in the comics was killed off a few seasons back.

For awhile there, The Walking Dead was introducing so many new characters that it was hard to keep them straight - not to mention the fact those new faces meant less time for some of our favorite OG ones. Case in point? Rick and Michonne, who now famously form the 'ship "Richonne". After last week focused on Eugene's apparent betrayal to Negan, this week focuses on Rick and Michonne's blossoming relationship. "Negan ordered the world his way".

In that respect, we're entering an interesting phase in TWD's history, whereby we're nearly getting mini-movies with some of the core characters. There had to have been better ways for Tara to reach that conclusion without using baby Judith as a sounding board, but that's really all we get. There's something nearly charmingly normal about all this; they go hunting, they find a couple of Saviors and steal their shit (and kill them, I'm guessing, although we don't see it happen).

Grooming for a major death on The Walking Dead is the key here.

Looking back on my opinion of the last few episodes I came to a startling discovery. Sadly, she's been marked for ages-especially this season, with Abraham out of the picture and her character developing just enough to make us miss her when she's gone. We've seen her strength, her skills, her leadership, and even her madness, but we've never really seen this part of her before. It may seem like a case of the hornies for both of them, but this was actually a foundation for the real love that would be proven to us later. "I definitely like doing scenes with her and there's a lot of Melissa in those scenes and there's a lot of Norman in those scenes". Albeit an unorthodox one.

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She could have been telling him about Rosita's thirst for vengeance instead. Rosita's one-note bad attitude is starting to grate, which is why it's a relief to see her-and admit that she needs help, from Sasha of all people.

Later, after Rick agrees to get more guns for Jadis, Tara and Rick have a chat, and Tara says she has something to tell him. "What makes our lives worth more than theirs?" We're all working together to tell these stories as opposed to having tiers of people.

Benjamin H. Smith is a NY based writer, producer and musician who grew up in the 1980's and thus has a deeper understanding of zombie movies than most other people.

First of all, Sonequa Martin-Green, the actress burdened with playing the role was cast in CBS' Star Trek: Discovery series. Now, it seems Rosita might be next to go. He says that "anything is possible until your heart stops beating". Candlelight. Chili and mac-n-cheese MREs.

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    But will he turn good, as Eugene is possibly going to the dark side? Sherry's been outside the safety of The Sanctuary before. They explain she wants to kill herself, and they look to Eugene to make something that would kill her in her sleep.

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