Ghost in the Shell Steelbook info, Gallery & 'Major Action' clip released

There really just isn't many things that are good about this live action film.

Scarlett Johansson plays Major, who used to be a person but is now robot with a human brain or a human brain with a robot body.

Elements of Alien: Resurrection, Surrogates, Robocop (especially the ED-209ish spidertank), Deadpool and Johansson's own Lucy also find their way into the plot of Rupert Sanders' (Snow White and the Huntsman) film, while the central location owes an obvious debt to Blade Runner (amusingly this even resurrects former airline Pan Am to invite comparisons).

Sanders has assembled a strong worldwide cast. The 1995 anime made an indelible mark on Hollywood cinema, most notably inspiring the Wachowkis' The Matrix trilogy and the futurism of Minority Report.

A year later, living in an unnamed Asian city where cybernetic enhancements are commonplace, Major heads up a government-backed militarised taskforce charged with protecting the city from cyber terrorism. Here, the suit, which has the power of invisibly cloaking the Major, is more intentionally unnatural looking. Takeshi Kitano, playing a security chief who dares stand up to Hanka, casually owns every scene he's in.

The movie ends - spoiler alert - with Major very much back where she started professionally speaking: working with her team to protect Section 9 from any potential threat. Here those ideas are presented with painfully on-the-nose, poorly written dialogue. Casting includes Danish actor Pilou Asbaek ("Game of Thrones") as Batou, Singaporean Chin Han ("Lethal Weapon") as Togusa, and Fijian Australian Lasarus Ratuere ("Ready for This") as Carlos Ishikawa.

The visually dazzling new "live-action" movie (much is computer generated), in fact, spends time literally deconstructing the physical form of Johansson's character. With her face nearly expressionless, she delivers her lines in a monotone. There's quite a bit of story here, but although I was sort of sure what was happening while it was happening, and have since done remedial research to remind me what was happening, I still couldn't actually tell you what was happening if you threatened me with a hammer.

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But then casting Scarlett Johansson as the main character, Major Kusanagi, led to a PR nightmare.

It was maybe a misguided marketing move for "Ghost in the Shell" to create a meme generator.

This is the kind of movie where the villain tells the heroine, "We are the same", and of course the heroine says they're not alike, not at all.

In one fleeting shot, a main character is riding in the back of a auto with an assistant, who is typing away on a laptop. Most of the human population has already been technologically enhanced in some manner, giving them heightened senses or intelligence. They're hacking into the brains of these Hanka employees!

"It's more a problem with the film than Johansson herself". Even worse, this film blatantly denies its character's whiteness and urges its audiences to do the same. She interrogates a woman about being human.

It turns out that most of the memorable scenes were directly lifted from the anime, such as that awesome fight scene on the shallow pool of water, as well as that fight with the ugly giant spider-like robot, but these were not exactly in the same story contexts. Though it's mesmerizing to look at, Ghost in the Shell erases its ghost only to be left with a vapid, empty shell.

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