Lena Dunham on Hannah's 'selfless' 'Girls' finale

And such was the case for the series finale, appropriately titled "Latching". The transition from girl to woman, brewing for the past season or two, finally took. Where was the growth?

So here we are, at the end of GIRLS. Like her mother says, she can't reimburse her tuition or break the lease.

After the eponymous group of friends - Hannah, Marnie, Soshanna and Jessa - chose to call their relationship quits in the penultimate episode that aired last week, the finale picked up months later after Hannah had given birth to her baby boy, Grover, and was living a quiet life as a single mother in upstate NY. And that's exactly how I will chose to say goodbye to them.

And Dunham saw it happening five years ago. To all of our fans, thank you for watching and supporting. "#GIRLS #GoodbyeFriend", she concluded. They're the "me" I hide from people.

Dunham: Fuck no. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull that off. Judd wrote that. I guess only time will tell. And publishing wasn't an easy field. With her own mom back in the house, Hannah really begins to regress, throwing tantrums like a teenager.

When Hannah goes to her boss to tell him that she can no longer work for free he tells her he's so sorry to see her go.

Hannah: "I know what you think". You can't quit that job.

It wasn't a fun way to end Girls, but it felt real, and it might have been a necessary way to end it for Hannah and Marnie. She then goes to see her parents at the Warwick hotel, where they are staying during their trip to NY. "I also think it would have to be a little while". One, in which Loreen lets Hannah have it about her entitlement in a hugely cathartic way.

It's amusing, first, because in this moment, you really see Loreen in Hannah. "Coffee is for grown-ups".

Hannah is a 28-year-old writer living in New York City making less than $30,000/year with little direction and no partner. That's not wildly thrilling or all that compelling even, but hell, Hannah Horvath tried. But Jessa never shows up. They just wanted it to be traditional, and they just felt like that was enough.

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What tends to get lost when we talk about Girls is the notion that the series was also a simple coming-of-age story about one woman's long, still incomplete journey toward realizing that the world is bigger than she is, which is unlike other coming-of-age stories. Their time in Brooklyn with the gang is never mentioned, as though it were a past life or a fading dream. And Jessa cuts her off.

Dunham: One the one hand: awful. Hannah, of course, would never name a child something from the top baby names list.

"And", Hannah adds. "He seemed gay".

Dunham: I was pretty focused on it, and everyone was like, "Okay". "I want it to feel like adults live in this place". "What if that's the only kind of man I can raise?"

Marnie ends up calling in Loreen for reinforcements when Hannah becomes incorrigible throughout her postpartum something.

Like I said though, no matter what happens, this season has been fantastic. Those stories struck me as a savvy move on the part of HBO's communications team.

When the finale started Hannah and Marnie were cuddling in bed just like the first season. Marnie is also all about Hannah and Grover; she is reading all the books, is a whiz at swaddling, and tries to encourage Hannah to keep at breastfeeding and to not be negative because that energy will be rubbed off on the baby. "I win. I'm the best friend". As Marnie bluntly points out, Elijah is nowhere to be seen. Without Hannah's feeling, this life would be nothing but an unwanted fetus tumor with no right to life. But it did give reason to hope that she, and Grover, will be OK. She wants to go out to a wine bar and listen to a jazz trio. She's crying, super emotional over something, and all her sentences seem to end in question marks, voice rising higher and higher. And Marnie thought marrying Desi would make her a grown-up. Is Hannah really ready to put Grover's wellbeing first? "It's happening now, and you suck at it. OK?"

She lashed out at Marnie and told her she was doing a "bad job" and was "immature". "So check that out!" Her top choice: Go to law school, not because she cares about the law, but because she loves "all the rules" it entails. "Am I'm still f-cking bleeding from my vagina". It's that Hannah wants to give Grover everything, even if it ruins her and what she wants. She's just another mom nurturing her child.

But soon Hannah's mom gets tough. Marnie responded, "You yelled at me for loving music". And all of a sudden, it's something you can't take back. "And this is forever". I'm sorry you didn't meet a hot woodworker. My guess is Hannah will forget the minutia of Grover's early life in much the same way. And he finally latches on. Not with Marnie. Not with Adam. The ending was bright and lovely - it was Hannah in a victory of getting Grover to latch. That's fine Hannah, but that's not honest.

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