Trump tax plan leaves Congress, Ryan with heavy lift

The Tax Foundation says that, adjusting that for inflation, "Trump would have to cut taxes by at least $486 billion in 2018".

Instead of a fully developed plan, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and senior adviser Gary Cohn put out a one-page sheet with bullet points, something you might see as a first draft of a campaign white paper.

The top rate for pass-throughs, which account for most small businesses, is 39.6 percent, the same top rate paid by individuals.

Let me break it down for you.

The Trump administration will propose slashing corporate taxes to 15 percent.

In another concession to long-standing demands from corporate America, Trump called for bringing corporate profits being held offshore by multinationals into the country at a rate well below the current 35 percent rate now owed on "repatriated" earnings. Trump's plan would double it to $24,000 for married couples, which could provide significant tax cuts for low-and middle-income families.

In 2014, 44 million taxpayers itemized deductions and 104 million claimed the standard deduction. According to the Brookings Institution-backed Tax Policy Center, only a fraction of one percent of post-death estates end up paying the tax at all.

In modern times, since World War II, the largest reduction came from the 1986 tax reform, enacted when Reagan was president and Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. "These strategies don't benefit the broader economy; they only allow the wealthiest estates to avoid taxes".

These taxes are now imposed on someone's estate when they die, and the beneficiaries of the estate must pay that tax on estates starting at $250,000.

The moderate Tax Policy Center explains, "Combining a corporate tax rate of 15 percent with a top individual rate of 37 percent (another likely Trump proposal) would create a powerful incentive for wealthy people to squirrel away a large portion of their assets in a corporation". The plan would eliminate all individual deductions except the charitable and mortgage interest deductions.

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"It could ease the tax burden on the companies we work with so they could hire a company like hours", Hart said.

Alan Cole, an economist at the right-leaning Tax Foundation, has calculated that Trump's corporate tax cut alone would cut federal revenue by $2 trillion over 10 years. Under Harding, the top rate fell 29.5 percentage points.

Private-equity firms' entire business model for leveraged buyouts relies on high-yield debt and is specifically created to benefit from deducting related interest from taxable income.

But with the tax plan limiting most deductions, it could expose more of an average American household's income to taxes.

Almost 80 percent of businesses are pass-through entities, a survey by the National Small Business Association advocacy group found this year.

Small-business owners might want to take some of the extra cash they'll be able to set aside and either stash it in a SEP-IRA, or build up ready savings in a money market account.

About $2.6 trillion in profits are being held tax-exempt overseas by USA multinationals under a rule that says they are only taxable if brought into the United States.

When asked just what impact the cuts are going to have on deficits over a 10-year period, Mnuchin said that the president is "very concerned that the debt has grown from 10 to 20 trillion dollars under the last administration and that's something we are very conscious of".

If Britain crashes out of the European Union without a new trade deal with its biggest export market, politicians have hinted that it could cut taxes on businesses even lower to boost investment.

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