Microsoft Confirms Specs And Price Of New Surface Pro

Microsoft will pull back the covers on its fifth-gen Surface tablet today, but photos leaked overnight provide a sneak peek at the Windows 2-in-1 device. You will find the same Surface connector and mini DisplayPort found on the Surface Pro 4. But it doesn't look like Microsoft wanted to redesign the tablet practically at all. He did indicate that this refresh would also include new Surface Pen's and keyboards.

The laptop can be reclined to a whopping 165 degrees in what is being called the Studio Mode.

The biggest change on the design front is some changes to the venting around the edges: With the exception of the Surface Pro models powered by Intel's i7 chips, all other models will ship without a computer fan to keep the devices cool, making them run more quietly. The higher end Core i7 models will likely be worth around $999 and $1,599. This also means that its internal graphics have received a cyclical update, with the Intel HD 615 and 620 in the Core m3 and Core i5 models respectively.

You can configure the Pro with the processor and memory of your choice (4GB, 8GB, or 16 GB of RAM) or, in other words, how fast your laptop/tablet will be, as well as storage capacity (128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB). Dropping the number in the name, this is the fifth edition of the device, and it will go on sale from mid-June starting at United States dollars 799.

In spite of that, the most obvious technological development of Microsoft's new Surface Pro will be in the processor department. The pen has double a number of supported pressure levels, allowing you to more accurately draw or write on your new Surface Pro. The newly Alcantara-clad Type Cover is still an eye-watering $160 extra in burgundy, cobalt blue, or platinum colors. It is priced at $129. Microsoft claims it's lowered the latency of pen interactions to 21ms, and it also says it's reduced the parallax between pen and screen so that lines on the screen appear closer to the pen tip.

Trump urged to prod Erdogan on human rights
The two presidents' statements also didn't touch on another key Turkey-related issue: the extradition of cleric Fethullah Gulen. Last week, JOL reported that Trump approved a plan to arm the Syrian Kurds in order to help them fight ISIS in Raqqa.

Microsoft's event is scheduled to take place tomorrow in Shanghai.

You can also use the Surface Dial with the new Surface Pro, also sold separately for $99. The Surface Pro will now also get a 4G LTE option.

China is the largest market for Surface outside Microsoft's home turf, growing at a compounded annual rate of 50 percent, Panay said.

From today customers can preorder the Surface Pro, which will be available June 15 in the US.

It is available now to pre-order, with delivery beginning on June 15th.

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