'Republicans care about poor people,' OMB Director Mulvaney says

Medicaid, the government insurance program for the poor and many disabled Americans, would be cut by more than $600 billion over 10 years by capping payments to states and giving governors more flexibility to manage their rosters of Medicaid recipients. The eliminated programs amount to almost $27 billion.

And Mulvaney isn't just making a moral argument; he's advocating for a total overhaul of the way the government spends money. Based on what we know so far, the plan could cost $3 to $7 trillion over a decade - our base-case estimate is $5.5 trillion in revenue loss over a decade.

"The Medicaid cuts being proposed by Republicans and Donald Trump are not only unconscionable but also represent a monumental lie to all of America - particularly Trump voters - who were told that Medicaid cuts would not happen if he was elected", he said in a statement.

Even the president of the conservative American Action Forum, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, told the paper that while an argument could be made that the budget didn't intentionally double-count, at first glance the budget and tax-plan figures "don't seem to match".

The budget, however, also engages in some standard budget gimmickry - not only overly optimistic growth rates, but lower interest payments on debt and $142 billion from "actions to improve payment accuracy and tighten administrative controls".

His argument is that Medicaid funding will still increase in dollar terms each year during the 10-year budget window.

Big moment for Obamacare repeal: CBO score due Wednesday
Toomey said Obamacare has driven up premiums to young, healthy people, who are refusing to buy insurance because of the cost . But it wasn't deemed important enough for citizens to see the score before their representatives voted on it.

"If that's where you are, don't accept it". Lawmakers from both parties have said major changes will be needed as the measure moves through Congress.

"This budget starts by taking away health care, then food, then housing, then education, then job opportunities", Ms Jayapal said. Mr Mulvaney countered. "Who's going to pay the bill on this?.Because right now my unborn grandchildren are paying for it, and I think that is morally bankrupt". "It assumes that the stars perfectly align with regard to economic drivers". Many Republicans say their chief goal is to reduce premiums.

And how does White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney characterize the cuts to food stamps and Medicaid? He lops a total of $1.7 trillion off that and similar programs, including food stamps, school lunches and Habitat for Humanity.

"If we lay out unrealistic projections, it confuses people and it allows people to think there can be a free lunch where there isn't one", the congressman added. On Medicare - the health insurance program for the elderly or those with certain disabilities, which would not lose funding under the Trump budget - 85% of Republicans said they would maintain or increase spending, as did 94% of Democrats. He said the spending plan was "simply ludicrous". Vox takes a look at some of the incredibly deep budget cuts that will cause enormous damage to individuals and the country.

This mistake drew pushback from former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Keith Hennessey, who was the director of President George W. Bush's National Economic Council.

The discrepancy has been assailed by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, but Mulvaney said Wednesday it was intentional. Trump would require parents receiving benefits to submit a Social Security number to weed out unauthorized immigrants - even those whose children are U.S. citizens. (Maybe they aren't "colluding" after all.) But Trump's budget is such that it leaves this White House's credibility on a par with (or perhaps below) that of a Russian propaganda outfit.

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