Top Republican Confirms Senate Is Working On Writing Its Obamacare Repeal Bill

"On the issue of bathrooms, the House is availing itself of the same option".

"Calling it "absurd" that "'bathroom bills' have taken on greater urgency than fixing our school finance system", Straus said the House is "availing itself" of the same actions the Senate took on school finance legislation by refusing to appoint members to conference committee on legislation originally meant to address the state's complex, outdated school funding formulas. Critics say the language is vague and won't have much of an impact on school policy.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi confirmed to Politico the upper chamber still plans to use the reconciliation process to pass the measure, allowing them to get the legislation through the Senate with a simple majority. "That is a local issue with local school boards". "I'm honored to have her join us today to be part of this significant moment", said Campbell.

"He says he has compromised enough".

The Lieutenant Governor called a news conference after the Speaker held his.

"We're seeing senators across the ideological spectrum working to try to get to yes", Senator Ted Cruz said. "We believe his knowledge, expertise, and work ethic make him an excellent choice, and we sincerely appreciate Senator McConnell for giving him the opportunity to participate in this discussion on a national level". Straus opposed Senate Bill 6 on the grounds that it would provoke backlash and hurt the Texas economy, which has been strong in recent years.

The $350 million funding cut outraged therapy providers and the families of children who receive their services, and a group of concerned Texans quickly filed a lawsuit seeking to block the cuts.

Since the last school finance bill of 1992, the state has cut taxes 15 times, he said.

Senators on Thursday rejected House amendments to Senate Bill 2078, prompting the creation of a Senate conference committee late in the day.

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"I think it's a travesty what the Senate has caused to happen", said state Rep.

If adopted, the business group said, a bathroom bill "could lose billions of dollars in GDP, a critical loss of revenue that would profoundly threaten the state's ability to fund education, transportation and other essential services", according to the letter.

"We've met some resistance along the way, and we've taken the concerns of our fellow senators and House members into consideration".

"We have had several votes on various tax plans during this special session, and now have a very clear idea what proposals members support and what ideas they do not", Armstead emphasized.

"Thanks to Joe Straus, we're going to have a special session that he created", Patrick said. "Through our efforts during the session, we were able to convince the governor that reduction in personal income tax was a true benefit to West Virginians, and the kind of bold change that could jump start growth and opportunity".

Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, said he would vote for budget, even though he was against most or all of the funding bills that make it possible. The full Texas House and Senate must weigh in on the budget before it can go to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk.

The measure is not nearly as broad as Patrick wanted, as he had made legislating a sex-specific bathroom policy in state government buildings, colleges and schools a priority this year worthy of a special session.This bill is strikingly similar to the controversial one passed in North Carolina that resulted in mass boycotts and major economic consequences for the state. Paul Bettencourt of Houston, requires principals and superintendents to report cases of teachers having inappropriate relationships with students or face a state jail felony or a fine of up to $10,000.

When it comes to bathroom policies, Patrick said the House version of the bathroom bill, HB2899 which prohibits cities, counties and school districts from making bathroom policies and puts it in the hands of the state, would also be acceptable.

The House has favored a plan to keep the sales tax the same and forego the broadest aspects of the income tax changes in favor of extending the sales tax to economic sectors such as telecommunications and communications.

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