Trump Budget Calls For Steep Cuts To Low-Income Support Programs

Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller blasted Trump's budget proposal as "anti-Nevada", citing its drastic cuts to Medicaid and important public lands programs in the state.

Mulvaney, a former tea party congressman, is the driving force behind the Trump budget plan, winning the president's approval for big cuts to benefit programs whose budgets are essentially on autopilot. They reduce child poverty.

While fiscal conservatives welcomed the proposal, which aims to balance the budget by 2027, Republicans raised concerns that the plan would slice too deeply into programs that provide poor Americans access to healthcare, food stamps and student loans, setting the stage for a showdown over budget priorities.

A spokesman for the Trump administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

To make matters even worse, Trump's budget also goes after a program that has long enjoyed bipartisan support, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), as it cuts approximately $6 billion from that program. Mulvaney acknowledged it's a "fair point" that Congress will ignore the proposal. The National Cancer Institute's budget would be cut by $1 billion, while the National Institute of Health budget would drop by more than $5 billion. He lops a total of $1.7 trillion off that and similar programs, including food stamps, school lunches and Habitat for Humanity. The National Science Foundation would be hit with an 11 percent cut, eliminating $776 million in funding. The proposal is laced with cuts to domestic agencies, food stamps, Medicaid, highway funding and medical research. The poor and working poor pay little or nothing in federal income taxes - and they would get little or nothing.

In the speech announcing his run for the 2016 race, he said he would "save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts". "Clearly Congress will take that budget and then work on our own budget, which is the case every single year but at least we now have common objectives: grow the economy, balance the budget, so we are now on that common ground and we will have a great debate about the details and how to achieve those goals". By making magical assumptions.

The administration sees roughly $550 billion of that offset coming from "assumed economic growth", says Marc Goldwein, senior policy director for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

He calls estimates below 1.9 percent annual growth "a pessimistic look at what the potential for this country and for what this country's people is".

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One might think these draconian cuts at least serve the objective of two grand Trump promises: "Quickly" reducing the $18 trillion federal debt and boosting economic growth by 3%. Magical assumptions make budgets magically balance.

"I think at the height of the recession there were 47 million people on SNAP, and now there's 44 million - even though we're at supposedly near full I think that raises a very valid question, which is that: Are there folks on SNAP who shouldn't be?"

Mulvaney said Tuesday that the rest of the money will go to funding infrastructure like roads and lighting that's needed for the project, as well as technology.

Trump promised no cuts to these programs from day one of his campaign - literally. Mulvaney's response was about Obamacare.

Asked what Trump was thinking, Roberts replied: "I don't know".

Under the Constitution, Congress holds the final authority to pass any budgets and allocate funds, which will mean months of haggling between the White House and lawmakers eager to preserve pet projects. But he wasn't really fooling anybody - certainly not the man from Sputnik. "Slashing the budgets of agencies created to protect the environment and public health will consign millions of Americans to unbreathable air and contaminated drinking water".

Feinberg's reports were true.

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