Trump budget slams safety-net programs for poor

Lawmakers from both parties have said major changes will be needed as the measure moves through Congress.

The White House has dubbed it, "The New Foundation for American Greatness" with an unwritten subtitle: "The Taxpayer First Budget".

Trump's budget, like any other proposed by a president in recent years, is more of a statement of his priorities and policy beliefs than a document expected to approved as-is by Congress. "And here are some of the big-ticket items'".

The proposed 2018 budget was already under attack by Democrats and even some of GOP allies declared it dead on arrival.

Mulvaney pitched the $4.1 trillion budget proposal as reflecting the interests of taxpayers who want their money properly spent.

"We need folks to work", Mulvaney said. The main reason for that is the country's aging population - which is also driving the projected increases in spending for Social Security and Medicare.

"If we implemented this budget, we'd have to retreat from the world or put a lot of people at risk - a lot of Benghazi's in the making if we actually implemented the State Dept cuts", said Graham. Mulvaney will appear before congressional committees to discuss the budget later in the week.

The budget does feature one major new domestic initiative - offering paid parental leave at a projected cost of $25 billion over the next decade.

Gov. Chris Christie, a friend and supporter of Trump, said Monday that he hadn't spoken with the president, but acknowledged he was anxious about the possible cuts. According to representatives from the women's health group, the budget would prevent Planned Parenthood from participating in any federal programs, not just Medicaid, meaning a whole host of federal programs - including HIV prevention, DC breast and cervical cancer screening programs and STD and infertility prevention programs.

Gutting Medicaid's finances would make it hard for hospitals that serve a disproportionate share of Medicaid patients, said Beth Feldpush, senior vice president for policy and advocacy at America's Essential Hospitals. "You will never balance the budget with 1.9 percent growth".

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Kentucky also wants one to impose a host of conservative policy changes, including work requirements for people using the program.

The White House is set to deliver President Donald Trump's first full budget to lawmakers on Tuesday, a plan that would slash funding for healthcare and food assistance programs for the poor while it trims the deficit. A stronger economy also implies fewer people will need "economic stabilization" programs like food stamps, unemployment insurance, and health-care subsidies (setting aside for a moment that Trump's budget would already cut many of these services).

That was below the 3.7 percent annual growth achieved when President Bill Clinton raised taxes on high earners in 1993. That's what this budget is part and parcel of. "Everything is key to getting us back to three percent".

Other cuts in Trump's budget include reductions in pension benefits for federal workers, in part by requiring employees to make higher contributions.

Trump is requesting $54 billion for defense spending in his 2018 budget, $52 billion of which would go toward the Department of Defense. "It's not right, when you look at it through the perspective of the people who pay the taxes".

What is Trumponomics? The Trump administration now has an answer. Swan identifies these cuts as coming from food stamps, the Children's Health Insurance Program, and disability insurance.

By contrast, the Defense and Homeland Security departments, along with Veterans Affairs, would enjoy increases of 5% or more next year.

In keeping with his campaign promise, Mr. Trump would leave core Social Security benefits and Medicare untouched. The plan would allow for six weeks of time off - Democrats have proposed plans that have double that amount of leave and more.

During the campaign, Trump attacked the weak economic growth of the Barack Obama years, and pledged that his economic program would boost growth from the lackluster 2 percent rates seen since the recovery began in mid-2009. Mulvaney acknowledged the growing national debt as a problem. It will nearly certainly add trillions to the debt. Its blueprint calls for significant cuts to social safety net programs and assumes more robust economic growth. "If you're on disability insurance and you're not supposed to be - you're not truly disabled - we need you to go back to work". It takes other measures the administration says would crack down on those in the US illegally, including requiring a social security number to receive the child care tax credit and the earned income tax credit.

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