What The Democratic Loss in Georgia Means For The Midterms

Big donors to the party's congressional campaign committee were also available to Pelosi through her "Speaker's Cabinet" program, which gave them special access to the Democratic leader. Rosen is a likely candidate for Senate against the most endangered GOP Senate incumbent, Dean Heller of Nevada.

As Nate Cohn pointed out a few days ago, 13 of the 15 congressional districts with the highest levels of education in the country are safe Democratic districts; only Georgia's 6th and a suburban Virginia district are in Republican hands.

Here's a huge reason Nancy Pelosi maintains her iron grip on House Democrats, even after another bruising - and in many party circles embarrassing - election loss: Her ability to raise lots and lots of money. And while Republicans are rightly happy to have held on in Georgia, they should consider it sobering that they didn't manage to win back the white college graduates that Trump lost there. Merely being against Donald Trump isn't enough, and we now have the results in four special elections to prove it.

The newly activated Democratic base - the resistance! - was tripping over itself for a fight.

Should the party focus on Trump, who's approval rating is in the tank?

So far, Democrats haven't been able to walk that line.

"As a clue about what might happen in 2018, it might not mean as much as some people want to believe", writes Jeffrey Lazarus, associate professor of political science at Georgia State.

He says Dems need to get out and listen to the needs of the voter to win back seats.

Trump said in a Twitter comment, "Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O!"

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The president's party nearly always loses seats in a mid-term election so Democrats should make gains in the US House, but can they flip the 24 seats needed for Nancy Pelosi to wield the gavel? And though Ossoff's decision to run an issue-lite, centrist campaign aimed at wooing moderate Republicans and disaffected women might have been a questionable tactic, the army of fired-up Georgia women who answered his call-and who told my colleague Joan Walsh that they intend to stay involved in politics-should remind progressives that local knowledge matters. The close losses may indicate something about the popularity of the president but there could be a more general explanation for why districts that had been securely Republican for years turned competitive in 2017.

John Ossoff may have raised more money for his campaign than any House candidate in history, but he is still a 30-year-old who had never run for office before and doesn't actually live in the district.

Several Democratic representatives, including Ryan, plan on discussing possible efforts to oust Pelosi on a meeting planned for Thursday.

"We've been saying it for weeks and now President Trump agrees", went an accompanying message from the Handel campaign, "Everything comes down tomorrow to Georgia's special election".

It's a rhetorical question, although thanks to Senate secrecy we can't know the precise contents of the bill that leadership will hold a vote on as soon as next week. Moulton supported Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan in his failed bid for Democratic leader.

What's more, there is already renewed pressure for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step aside. While I'm truly sorry he lost, it was an overwhelmingly Republican district, where Tom Price won by 23 points in 2016, and the full disaster of the current Republican policies are not yet being felt by most people.

It's true that neither Ossoff nor Handel mentioned the president much during the race - which, in itself, bolsters the theory that Trump might not be as consequential in these races as Dems hope.

The left also underestimated Karen Handel, a seasoned political gladiator and former Georgia secretary of state. "And I will work just as hard to earn your confidence in the weeks and months ahead".

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