MS children to lose health insurance in April

Although Congress did not meet last week's deadline to reauthorize federal funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), more than 31,000 children in Nebraska continue to be provided those health care services.

Colorado officials say the health insurance program for children and pregnant women has enough federal money left over to remain operational through the first month of the year, but warn the money could be gone after that if Congress does not act to restore funding in the next couple months.

"We can't forget our most vulnerable - our children who rely on us to care for them", Gov. Wolf said.

Although presidential budgets are most often seen as wish lists and statements of priority in the modern era, and and nearly reflexively shot down by Congress, the proposal Trump released earlier this year included considerable, controversial cuts to CHIP.

NEW YORK― House Republicans are expected to pass a bill on Tuesday that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy ― a move the Trump administration said will "help to facilitate a culture of life". This could end up being a death sentence for many of these children who have no other means of getting coverage, but as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains, Republicans don't care because those children aren't funding their campaigns. In Kansas, the rate dropped from 5.1 percent in 2015 to 4.3 percent in 2016, and it's a almost 30-percent drop from 2013. Graham-Cassidy died without a floor vote, and Congress didn't take up CHIP reauthorization before the deadline.

"We would certainly hope and expect Congress to continue funding for this program", said Erin Barham, a spokesperson for Mississippi's Division of Medicaid. "The lack of that insurance will make access to life saving care and preventative care much harder." said Dr. Douglas Carlson, Medical Director of St. John's Children's Hospital and Chair of Pediatrics for SIU School of Medicine.

Qaasim said if Congress doesn't act quickly, there could be an enrollment freeze similar to what happened in 2010, when Arizona state legislators froze KidsCare enrolment to cut state spending. Luckily, that money won't run out until next year.

Health insurance program for thousands of Arizona kids at risk

While CHIP income eligibility levels vary by state, about 90 percent of children covered are in families earning 200 percent of poverty or less ($40,840 for a family of three).CHIP covers children up to age 19. I think in many states including Montana folks are shocked at Congress' inaction on a program that previously has had strong bi-partisan support. The state only receives a 50% federal match for its Medicaid program.

"Virginia has managed to [.] steward the CHIP funds properly so that we have coverage through the end of February", the health care navigator said.

Lawmakers had until September 30 to reauthorize CHIP.

"Unacceptable that funding for CHIP & community health centers expired last night".

Heather O'Laughlin: That would include routine checkups, preventative care, some dental and vision coverage, and also coverage for serious health conditions.

"Working with my colleagues in both the Senate and House, we will push to advance this initiative and ensure the continued healthcare coverage for American children", Hatch said in the same statement. Funds have lapsed due to congressional issues that must be fixed soon.

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