49ers sign Garoppolo to record-breaking deal

It is good news for impending free agent QB Kirk Cousins, who can expect to break that record again when he signs on with a team after leaving Washington.

If a deal isn't struck by March 6, look for San Francisco to franchise-tag Garoppolo at a total CBSSports.com's Joel Corry reports would be $23.6 million. With the amount they have guaranteed, they are essentially telling him he has three years to prove he's worth the other $63.5 million.

Of course, there are risks to signing a quarterback with this level of experience to a long-term, big-money contract, and the most common one named is Matt Flynn. It's how Seattle won a Super Bowl with Russell Wilson, before they had to hand over a fistful of cash that fit in line with current salary projections.

Garoppolo is 7-0 as a starting quarterback in the National Football League and has helped revitalize a franchise that bottomed out after the Jim Harbaugh era. It's just not the most.

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The mega-deal comes after Garoppolo assumed the starting job on a 1-10 team and began a December to remember.

If Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr can break the bank, why not Garoppolo?

The 49ers have their franchise quarterback locked up for years to come. This is another place where even as the quarterback deals get bigger, the structure has gotten smarter. "We had a good thing going at the end of this year".

Upon his arrival in San Francisco, Garoppolo made an immediate on the struggling team that had just one win before he arrived. The cap was $120 million in 2011 and has exploded since thanks to the league's rising revenue. Garoppolo injured his right shoulder in the second game that season, and was replaced by Jacoby Brissett for the final two games before Brady's return. Among 45 quarterbacks with 100-plus drop backs, his 0.35 Passing NEP per drop back was the best (Tom Brady was second at 0.28 and the average among that group of quarterbacks was 0.04).