France Says Iran's Missile Program Must Be Put 'Under Surveillance'

"Undoubtedly, [other] countries should appreciate the efforts by the Islamic Republic of Iran", he said. "Israel has grown fearful that Syria is becoming an Iranian base", read a report by the International Crisis Group that was released days before the drone flight.

The Iranian official underlined that the enemies have waged a soft war against Iran through dissemination of false information about Iran's presence in Syria. But Russia's influence has proven to be limited, while Iran is determined to spread its hegemony.

Syria's war has killed more than 340,000 people and displaced millions since it began in March 2011 with the brutal repression of anti-government protests.

Washington's lead diplomat said the USA was "quite concerned" by a recent confrontation that saw ally Israel bomb what it described as Iranian targets in Syria. Haley also called attention to Iran's status as the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, and she observed that "instability always follows" when Hezbollah or other Iran-backed forces establish a foothold in a given area.

Israel has no intention of letting this happen. Buchanan suggests what's needed now is "active diplomacy, not military action." .

Different lessons can be drawn from this military clash, but the core issue is Iran's ongoing presence in Syria: It's goal is to assert itself there, and to call the shots, including vis-à-vis Israel. Iran and Hezbollah succeeded in forming a network of foreign and local fighters through Syria, under the umbrella of the Russian armed forces. According to the Israeli Air Force (IAF), the drone was spotted on radar but was allowed to enter Israeli airspace.

They've all learned - Russian Federation from Afghanistan, Iran from the Iran-Iraq war, Israel from south Lebanon, and the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan - that their publics will not tolerate large numbers of body bags fighting any ground war in the Middle East. But now Israel's campaign against Iranian expansion in Syria has become far more complicated. Israel has shrugged these statements off. Although Russia understands Israel's interests, Moscow can not allow the Iranian position to weaken to the extent that Assad's survival would be threatened. Iranian drone invaded Israeli airspace and was shot down.

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Until now, Hezbollah, deployed across Lebanon and Syria, has stayed out of this fight. Israel and other nations fielding the F-35 platform may not want to put that strategy, or the limits of that stealth, on display in a war zone unless absolutely necessary. Such an escalation could snowball into a unsafe regional conflict.

Fortunately, all sides seemed to accept a rapid de-escalation. The road to muzzling Iran's belligerence in Syria could go through Moscow, a tack the US and Israel should think hard about taking. As for Daesh, its "caliphate" has seen its territory reduced from nearly 4,000 square miles to just over 2,700.The Syrian armed opposition groups have also suffered major setbacks, and are now cantoned in part of Idlib province plus an archipelago of tiny possessions dotting the country.

Given the growing military capabilities and territorial expansion of these hostile elements, Israel and the United States, along with Europe and allied Arab states in the region, must together send a clear message to Iran, Hezbollah and Assad: any attack on Israel's sovereignty comes with a heavy price.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rear Admiral Shamkhani referred to downing of the Israeli jet by the Syria's air defense, saying the move showed that the Axis of Resistance will be able to liberate Al-Quds one day. The operators of the Iranian drone were likely killed in their caravan, though this can not be confirmed. Syria has no chance in the case of conflict with professional Israeli military with advanced weapons systems.

Furthermore, while inflicting harm on Iran, the Iranian public, or Iranian symbols - like the popular commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani - will only unify the ranks and bolster a more aggressive approach, endangering the most expensive Iranian project of this decade (after the nuclear project) will incite the already existing criticism of Iranian society against its leadership. They dispatched an Iranian drone from Syrian territory into Israel. Despite assurances by members of the administration to the contrary, Iran used its windfall from the nuclear deal to boost its military and fund its proxies even more lavishly. "A good way to achieve both objectives would be back Israel's response to Iran's aggression-now and in the future". The stakes of this struggle remain very high.

The situation remains explosive.