Action must be taken on gun control, NOW

Those are the two most deadly incidents to happen in this very young year before the February 14 murder of 17 people at a Parkland Florida High School by 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a mass murder that has finally seemed to challenge our nation's ever more embarrassing record of loose gun laws and catastrophic homicide. Mental health issues are no greater in the US than in any other democracy, yet our mass-murder rate is through the roof, while those of others are practically nil. The mental health of American society may be fragile, but the more disturbing realization is that much of America is armed and unsafe.

In all the past massacres, and present in Parkland, Florida, that was the real issue: response times. There wasn't any expectation that they would sway people who live off NRA campaign funds, but that's how movements start.

Of course, you have those who try to down play the situation and discredit those who speak up for change.

President Donald Trump said a bunch of insane things this week. I agree with Trump, arm the teachers.

The simple reason children are dying every week in this country is because of money: dirty, disgusting blood money, and the apparent leader of this country has the audacity to call other countries "s--holes". He says the NRA has a "finely tuned propaganda operation" that convinces officeholders their careers will be ruined by "even talking about gun safety".

This week, Republicans repeatedly broke with Trump
The president's involvement is considered key in getting any gun legislation passed in Congress. But they want to know exactly what he supports.

Calling for guns, of any kind, to go away in the about as sensible as riding a motorcycle in the middle of winter in Newfoundland and Labrador, and then when it snows on you, expecting for it to go away just because you don't think it should snow in the wintertime. Now, the current Australian Ambassador to the US, he recently tweeted it can't happen here because "guns are more pervasive and cultural" in the United States. We should have stricter background checks, and psychiatric evaluations of all those seeking to buy guns.

The assault rifle ban that expired in 2004 was supported by large bipartisan coalitions in Congress when it was first implemented, and it emanated from a series of events that included an assassination attempt on one of our presidents and the permanent injuring of one of his aides. That bill came in the wake of a series of shootings, one of children and teachers in Stockton, California, all involving semi-automatic weapons. "I am sorry to say that true and fundamental change will not occur until NRA backed and endorsed candidates lose and lose big".

And with that, he announced that Dick's would no longer sell assault-style rifles. It will also raise the minimum age for all gun sales to 21, and will not sell high-capacity magazines that allow shooters to fire without reloading.

Everyone is fighting to have their voice heard. They are weapons of war, and no fair-minded person would confuse regulating them with infringing on personal freedom. If not, what does this mean for our future?