The Chinese Parliament has Lifted the Restrictions on the President's Term

Lawmakers applauded twice when it was introduced at the NPC annual session on March 5 for deliberation. The vote further underscored the total dominance of Chinese politics possessed by the 64-year-old Xi, who serves simultaneously as the head of state, leader of the ruling Communist Party and commander of the powerful 1 million-member armed forces.

It follows as China's legislature, the National People's Congress, approves a constitutional amendment that abolishes presidential limits of two consecutive terms.

He placed his orange ballot paper in a red box sitting on the stage of the cavernous hall. In the amendments of 1999, 21 of the 2,860 delegates had voted against and 24 had abstained from incorporating the "theory" of Deng.

"They include healthy rotation of leadership at all levels in order to maintain vitality and stability of the country", he said.

The changes have been rightly recognized as necessary to provide surety for the nation's progress by advancing law-based governance and upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

"We believe in the future that we will continue with this path and discover an even brighter future", Shen said.

Since Xi came to office, he has launched a sweeping anti-corruption program that has helped clear out rot within the party, as well political rivals some analysts argue.

In the run up to Sunday's vote, critics on Chinese social media attacked the move and drew parallels to North Korea or suggested a Mao-type cult of personality was forming. But the government quickly mounted a propaganda push, blocking some comments and publishing pieces praising the proposal.

However, the decision was made by the Chinese parliament when it passed a series of constitutional amendments. Lawmakers from across the country deliberated for almost a week before voting on Sunday.

He Guangliang from the southwestern province of Guizhou said it wasn't fair to draw comparisons with North Korea.

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"It's a historic retrogression", said Li Datong, a former editor of China Youth Daily, a state newspaper.

The 13th session of China's parliament, known as the National People's Congress (NPC), is now in session in Beijing.

"You can't ask me that", said one lady, laughing nervously and declining to give her name.

Also encouraging is the possiblity that two of the country's most capable and outward-looking officials, Wang Qishan and Liu He, could become top advisors to Xi.

The constitutional amendment that was approved today abolished the two-term limit established for the presidents. One would write into the constitution the term "community of common destiny", also sometimes referred to as the "community of shared future" (命运共同体), an amorphous concept that places China at the center of a harmonious global community of peace and prosperity, in implicit contrast with the United States' hegemonic, self-interested control of the present worldwide system (China Brief, February 26, 2018).

"In its more than 90 years of history, the Chinese Communist Party has overcome a series of hardships and a wide range of big problems, questions and difficulties", Shen said.

Shops sell commemorative plates and memorabilia with his image alongside Mao's and he has accumulated so many political and military titles - from president, to Central Military Commission chairman and party "core" - that he has earned the nickname "Chairman of Everything".

Kurt M. Campbell, a former US assistant secretary of state for East Asia, and Ely Ratner, a former deputy national security adviser, wrote in the journal Foreign Affairs in February that events in the last decade have "dashed even modest hopes for political liberalization".

The General Secretary of CCP is the ultimate source of power in China.

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