Chelsea Clinton to remain on family foundation board

"Well, first, What Trump has said is ridiculous".

"I think the issue about conflict with interest is not whether there's an actual quid pro quo, it's the proximity", she said. While Donald Trump continued the slump that began at his own shambolic convention, the Democratic nominee has risen to the top of nearly every national and swing-state poll. "This is among the strongest and most unmistakable pieces of evidence of what we've long suspected at Hillary Clinton's State Department, access to the most sensitive policy makers in USA, diplomacy was for sale to the highest bidder".

Chelsea Clinton would remain on the board of her family's foundation even if her mother is elected president, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

The Associated Press blasted out a 114-character breaking news alert on Tuesday afternoon with a hot scoop: an analysis of publicly available data showed that while Secretary of State, more than half of Hillary Clinton's meetings were with individuals who also donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Nevertheless, the question of special meetings arranged with the secretary of state for Clinton Foundation donors does pose a problem of perception: the perception that there was a culture of "pay for play" between Bill's organization and Hillary's office and the perception that once again, the Clintons live by their own set of rules.

Despite its lofty and admirable mission, the Clinton Foundation has taken a lot of heat during this election cycle because of some of the sources of its donations.

But what we already know from FBI Director James Comey is that his agency's investigation found insufficient evidence to charge Clinton, though he did say her handling of classified information was "extremely careless" and that she falsely testified to the House Oversight Committee on Benghazi that there was no classified material in any of her email. "If we felt it was wrong, we would have taken it down right away".

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"Didn't those unique circumstances exist when you were secretary of state?" "Who knows? If you overlook this, you have a selfish interest in the game being played". The Clinton Foundation, however, is a public charity, he said. The 85 donors collectively contributed as much as $156 million, the AP reported.

Bill Clinton said changes at the foundation are needed if Hillary Clinton becomes president that weren't necessary when she led the State Department.

Yet the frequency of the overlaps shows the mixing of access and donations.

This "extraordinary" finding, as the AP put it, was deemed less extraordinary by other journalists and pundits who noted that Clinton had held thousands of meetings with government employees, foreign representatives, civil leaders, journalists and others while Secretary of State that were not accounted for in the AP's report.

A batch of emails released Monday make clear that Clinton Foundation donors got access to the State Department.

And as the two rivals gave currency to conspiracy theories of Clinton suffering from a "mysterious" illness and Trump being a puppet of Russian president Vladimir Putin, voters wondered when the curtain would fall on this Theatre of the Absurd.

- The crown prince of Bahrain, Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, whose government had given $50,000 to the foundation, requested a last-minute meeting with the secretary of state.

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