Bill Clinton, Mike Pence to campaign in Philly suburbs later this week

Pence, current governor of IN, spoke for the Trump-Pence republican presidential ticket following the dance performance and emphasized the need for party unity IN OH just two weeks before votes are tallied across the nation for this year's election. And Pence was introduced by Gov. Pete Ricketts, who said Donald Trump would shake up Washington.

Pence spoke for about 40 minutes. I choose a stronger America; a more prosperous America.

Pence asserted that their ticket has "won over independents" and "many southern Democrats", yet in recent weeks, Trump has lost the support of a litany of Republican lawmakers, effectively fracturing the party amid depressed poll numbers.

"I like that he didn't jump ship", Trump support Dan Smith said.

Hillary Clinton agreed, but not the way he meant it. Pence promised under a Trump presidency, the military will be expanded, taxes will be cut and the Affordable Healthcare Act will be repealed.

"Hopefully it also gives some Republicans a place to go who aren't quite there with us yet", Mr. Pence said on Monday's "Hannity" program on Fox News.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally Tuesday Oct. 25 2016 in Tallahassee Fla
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally Tuesday Oct. 25 2016 in Tallahassee Fla

Turning to the Supreme Court, he said the next president will determine the direction of the court for years to come.

"Utah will play an important role in this election, make no mistake about it", Pence said in the interview.

"I'm LDS, but unfortunately, we're kind of "sheeple" here in Utah and we're voting for [McMullin] because he's Mormon", said Brett Tatton. He wants them to vote early and then talk to their friends. Despite the many ad hominem fallacies put forth by Kaine, Pence had defended his running mate arguably well. Donald Trump and I think different.

"I joined this campaign in a heartbeat because you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down", Pence said. The spots, scheduled to run in seven battleground states, feature her plans to help families if elected and draw a contrast between her and Trump.

His father said he hopes "everyone comes to their senses" and realizes that it is a race between Trump and Clinton and "you're throwing your vote away if you vote for someone else".

The federal government announced this week that premiums for insurance under President Barack Obama's signature health care law would rise sharply next year - news some Republicans heralded as an unexpected political gift.

Local family anxious about insurance premium hikes under Affordable Care Act
Federal leaders say about 77 percent of people will be able to find a plan for $100 or less after subsidies. Humble said that premiums are still expected to be lower than the cost of employee coverage.

  • US internet disrupted as key firm gets hit by cyberattack

    The hackers going after Dyn's DNS infrastructure allowed the attack to become more widespread. Our Engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue.

    Ryan: Liberals favor a government-heavy agenda for elites

    A spokesman for Donald Trump's campaign in Wisconsin says the program for his two stops next week is still being finalized. There is nothing "positive and inclusive" about the message that the nominee he's endorsed, Donald Trump, is offering.
    Breast Cancer deadlier for African-American women

    Breast Cancer deadlier for African-American women

    Additionally, only about seven per cent of women are offered immediate (at the time of their mastectomy) breast reconstruction. Up to 10 percent of breast cancer diagnoses will be men as well, so men should watch for lumps on the breast.
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    In a number of other states, there is scarcely more choice for customers. "You don't say, we're repealing smartphones". Insurers are now raising rates to compensate. "The question always has been, 'At what premium rate?'" he said.

    Cumberbatch joins Marvel universe in "Doctor Strange"

    Then the most recent episode (season four, episode four, "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire") shed a little more light on the item. Smartphone brand Honor is looking to make a name for itself this fall, working with Marvel Studios' upcoming release, "Dr.

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    Others were equally skeptical about the prospect of markedly higher prices. However, futures have several limitations. But this is likely a one-time event.
  • Trump takes a break

    Trump takes a break

    Eleanor Holmes Norton wielded golden shovels and posted for photos with the magnate, Ivanka and two of his sons, Don Jr. and Eric. Trump had met with GOP lawmakers that day, perhaps in an effort to build a relationship with the Republican Party.

    Europe's ExoMars Lander Has Probably CRASHED On Red Planet

    Schiaparelli's main function was to carry out a test run of the rover's Russian-designed automated landing system. It is part of a larger worldwide mission called ExoMars that will help in the hunt for life on the planet.
    Let's do the time warp again! Rocky Horror remake rocks

    Let's do the time warp again! Rocky Horror remake rocks

    I'll tell you one scene. "We invite the audience to the stage at the end of the play to dance the Time Warp with us", Latas says. Crowds - which, let's be honest, tended to arrive in an altered state - didn't just show up, they dressed up and acted out.
  • Clinton, Kaine Rally Voters in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

    Clinton, Kaine Rally Voters in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

    Kaine pointed to Clinton's opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump, on his views and "discrimination" towards women. The presidential debate at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas will air live at 9 p.m. on WYSO .

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    With Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquets having also committed to new deals, Luis Enrique believes the morale of the squad can only improve.
    Trump defiant as Clinton rides high in the polls

    Trump defiant as Clinton rides high in the polls

    Trump didn't literally melt into a puddle on the stage, Republicans might want to actually listen to what their nominee said. In fact, she quoted Pence verbatim from the October 4 vice presidential candidates' debate, where he made the claim.