Hillary spends $1 million more a day than Trump

In an effort to manage expectations in case Hillary Clinton doesn't have a strong performance in the first presidential debate on Monday, her campaign said today that they fear the debate moderators will not be as tough on Donald Trump as they will be on Hillary.

Deep-pocketed Priorities USA spent $20.6 million last month, nearly exclusively on Trump-bashing and Clinton-boosting TV, radio and digital.

The online poll shows Clinton with 47.95 percent, compared to Trump's 46.77 percent, a difference of 1.18 percentage points.

The latest Marquette University Law School poll shows Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's lead among likely Wisconsin voters is holding relatively steady.

Despite the disparity in spending and organization, Clinton's lead over Trump shrank over the last month and is down to just over 1 point in RealClearPolitics' average of polls.

Hillary spends $1 million more a day than Trump

Trump has acknowledged his spending deficit on the campaign trail - and even bragged about it.

Republican dynamo Trump, who spoke at two rallies in key swing state North Carolina on Tuesday, ridiculed Clinton on social media.

"If you can spend less and be winning, that's a positive thing, right?"

And while the former First Lady has a campaign event on Wednesday, she has no public appearances scheduled for Thursday or Friday. Trump employs about 130 people, with another 100 or so working as paid consultants.

"Battleground states carry that name for a reason: They're going to be close, from now until Election Day", campaign manager Robby Mook wrote in a memo to supporters this week. "But we are going to win them because we've spent the past year building a superior ground game to communicate our message and turn our people out to vote". The Clinton excitement level ranked at 12 percent; Trump's at 11 percent.

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